You can make cleaning fast, easy and economical with our range of cleaning products that are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, cars, boats, gardens, work environments and commercial spaces. 


Our POLYESTER foam scouring sponges are produced to International standards.  They are more resistant to being pulled apart, have a higher degree of resistance and have anti-bacterial properties.  The foam is strongly glued to the Italian imported fiber making the scouring sponge last up to 8 weeks in strong detergents.  A slight smell of Strawberry or Vanilla is added to the foam.


The LPLF polyester foam is the most efficient quality of scouring sponges in the market.  Made of a polyester foam density of 22-23kg/m3 and glued to the strongly resistant Italian imported fiber 550g/m3, this scouring sponge will last up to 6 weeks in strong detergents.


- Heavy duty cleaning.

- Ideal for thorough cleaning of stainless steel pots, ovens, kitchen tools and non-delicate surfaces.

- Gradual detergent release thanks to the micro-porosity of the sponges.

- Sponges with grooves on the sides designed for a better grip & to protect nails.

- Innovative antibacterial heavy duty scrubbing sponge which stops the build-up of bacteria in the foam.


Our selection of scouring pads can take on both light and heavy-duty cleaning jobs, no matter how delicate or rough the surface is.  The foam and scouring fiber comes in all shapes, sizes and colors for different working areas and effectiveness.  The factory provides businesses and wholesalers their own private label range of products with their own exclusive properties and designs